Daily Record – 2004
Claddagh Home Care: Help for an aging family member

Increasing numbers of people are faced with challenges of caring for an aging family member, especially concerning the safety, health and happiness of their loved ones. When a caregiver decides that elder care is required for a loved one, difficult decisions must be made regarding the available care options and how these options fit the individual situation.

These challenges can be overwhelming, especially when an elderly person’s condition can change from week to week, adding variation to the levels of care needed. Monitoring a person’s health and deciding when the plan of care should change can become an all-consuming, full-time job in itself.

The good news is that help is available for finding answers to the countless challenges associat- ed with caring for an aging loved one. Geriatric Care Managers, specialists in assessing individ- ual health-care needs of the aging population, can clearly articulate and define the many solu- tions available.

Claddagh Home Care is an agency owned and operated by a Geriatric Care Manager, who can help families cope with the challenges of an aging family member. Janine Davis, a registered nurse, owns Claddagh Home Care and has more than 14 years experience and her certification in geriatric care. Claddagh Home Care offers expertise in geriatric care management and has an excellent group of certified home health aides available if home care is the right solution.